Intro Question

Why are sales people with the same skills and training achieving at different levels?

It was even more intriguing to notice that the successful people were not the slick or fast-talking sales professionals. Many times the more reserved and less aggressive sales professionals were the ones with the most success and the best numbers.

The Turning Point

Adam relates how he trained the sales teams at a large insurance company and returned a short while later to check in with the team.

To his surprise, there was a huge range in the success the sales professionals had achieved. While some salespeople were no longer with the company, some of their peers were already earning million dollar salaries.

This gap in success urged Adam to uncover what differentiates the rookie from the successful salesperson.

Distinctions Between the Rookie and the Rockstar

It’s not all or nothing! Even if you only take 1 or 2 points and apply them to your business, it’s already worth your investment.

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